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Shedrack Asenga: A Success Story

Friday, September 22, 2017 4:28 PM | Felicia McKenzie (Administrator)

Shedrack began attending Saving Grace in 2014, shortly after the school opened. When he began, he suffered from rickets, a softening of the bone caused by malnutrition, and had knock-knee as a result. He was also missing many teeth, and kept his mouth closed in embarrassment.

Because his knees bowed in, it was difficult for him to walk, run, and play like the rest of the children. His mother saved up to get him surgery to straighten his legs, which took him out of school for many months while they healed.

When Shedrack was finally able to return to school, he was behind his classmates in numerous capacities: motor skills, social skills, and academics. Shedrack kept to himself more than ever, and often didn’t participate in the lessons. He was still missing many teeth, and continued to be embarrassed by their absence.

As more funding became available, BTF began providing funds for school lunches in addition to the student’s daily porridge. This meant that students began receiving the proper nutrition they needed, with fruits, vegetables, and meats added to their diets. For many students, the school became the best source of nutrition available.

Being aware of Shedrack’s situation, Grace began keeping him after school to make sure he received a well-balanced dinner. In addition, she started giving him one-on-one lessons to get him up to speed with his classmates.

A few months ago, Shedrack began playing with the other students again. He is running, playing soccer, and rough-housing. This has enabled him to make some very close friendships with a few other students.

During the last exam period, Shedrack received an average grade of a B. For the first time, he is excelling in his studies.

The cherry on top came a few weeks ago, when Grace sent a photo of Shedrack smiling. His front teeth have finally come in after more than two years. He is strong and happy like a little boy should be.

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