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Universal Children's Day

Sunday, November 20, 2016 12:38 PM | Emma Hill

Universal Children’s Day is celebrated every November 20th.  This year, Google posted a special google doodle in honor of the event. 

Google Doodle celebrates Children's Day (Photo: Google)

Universal Children’s’ day was begun in 1954 by the United Nations. Thereafter, November 20 has been a significant date for advancing the rights and status of children. In 1959, on November 20th, the UN General Counsel adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.  In 1989, also on November 20th, the UN General Assembly adopted the  Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Universal Children’s day is not only the anniversary of these historic milestones, but it also seeks to raise awareness of international child welfare and to encourage activists around the globe to improve child welfare.  The political and social agenda behind Universal Children’s Day is, by necessity, very broad.  The welfare of children vary widely by country and region, according to available resources, economic and technological development, educational opportunities, medical access, and cultural beliefs about raising children.  

In general, the holiday, as well as the Declaration and the Convention, seek to:

  • ensure the protection of children from physical or mental violence, and other degrading punishments.
  • protect children from abuse and exploitation. (Child labor is considered one of the most common forms of exploitation.)
  • assert basic human rights for children, as well as the right to his or her own name and identity, and access to both parents, even if separated, and to be raised in a family group.
  • assert basic social rights, including education, access to health care, etc. 

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