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World Gratitude Day

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 6:00 AM | Emma Hill

World Gratitude Day was started in 1965, at a United Nations Meditation Group gathering in Hawaii. The Group hoped to spread a practice of gratitude to the member nations of the Meditation Group. Soon after, many of these nations adopted gratitude day on the 21st of September. Today, Gratitude Day is truly a worldwide celebration.  

World Gratitude Day is an international holiday dedicated to taking a small moment to be grateful for the good things and people in your life. Cultivating an “attitude of gratitude” helps people identify and cherish sources of well-being and happiness. Without gratitude, it is far too easy to take the blessings of friends, family and resources for granted.

Today, all of us here at Brighter Tanzania Foundation are celebrating our gratitude for the wonderful people who have donated their time, resources and love to building and maintaining Saving Grace School. We are also grateful for the opportunity to know and work with Grace Lazier, Saving Grace’s teacher, and to be a contributing part of the lives of the children she educates.    

We’re grateful for the privilege to know such fun and vibrant kids, like Mathayo and Dorcas (left) and Zainabu (right).

Personally, I’m grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with Brighter Tanzania because I know educating and supporting children is a very effective long-term strategy to reduce poverty.  Children empowered with education - literacy, math, history, science - earn far more as adults. They even have a better foundation for identifying local problems and finding creative solutions. It means a lot to me to be a small part of that.

In the meantime, while the children in Saving Grace learn, the school also benefits the local economy. The school needs supplies, like food, office supplies, clothes, blankets, furniture, cookware, and other things. Many of these things are supplied by local vendors, purchased with donated funds.  When compassionate, generous people donate money, it goes to supporting these amazing kids.


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